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Why “Float Collection”?

The inspiration concept was born from the very essence of the fabrics with which our hospitality sets are made, light and enveloping, floating like feathers in the air.

From Plumy, to Kimy up to the bath and bed lines, the whole collection was made with natural fibers sometimes combined with technical innovations such as thindown®, the fabric used for our exclusive Plumy.

With Float Collection the night flies!


The cotton of the Pharaohs.
Cotton, like Linen, in particular Giza 45, is the fiber mainly used by our company. We select only the best cottons, those grown in certain areas of the world including Egypt and the United States.
Giza is a high quality Egyptian cotton grown in a small area in the Nile delta. Thanks to the particular climatic conditions, characterized by low temperature variations and abundant rains between October and April and a strong constant humidity of the air, this very particular ecosystem gives life to a cotton with uniform and regular fibers, such as to make it among the most renowned in the world . The length of its fibers reaches 36 mm, measured at the micronaire, for an average fineness of 2.95. Harvesting is done manually, to allow the flakes to be picked at the right level of ripeness.

This exceptional cotton is used for the weaving of all our cotton fiber products, handmade by our expert craftsmen.

The fabrics obtained from Giza are extremely resistant and fine, so as to be silky to the touch and incredibly soft, really able to improve the quality of sleep.

An exemplary way of representing the Italian artifact, working and investing in research for environmental protection.
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