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Why choose us?

Float Collection is an innovative brand born for the luxury business, with the aim of being the most exclusive name in the textile sector for luxury hotels and homes in a short time, creating, without compromise, fine quality linen with details without unique.
The luxury hospitality line makes a unique selection of raw materials to offer the best quality products on the market.

Given that luxurious and comfortable bedding is the iconic symbol and focal point of hotel hospitality, Float Collection is the ideal supplier of linen in the most prestigious hotel properties, offering the most demanding guests an unforgettable stay.
The company proudly works with every single property to customize and create linens that reflect the aesthetics of the hotel brand.

Quality warranty

Float Collection uses an independent quality control laboratory, leader in the sector.
All the fabrics used are tested for pilling, shrinkage, color retention (according to assorted washing standards), abrasion, tear resistance and other factors that can adversely affect the duration of wear.

Our finished products are then tested, using a variety of techniques, followed by fifty industrial washes.
We make sure that the fabrics of our manufactures are refractory to wear over time, while maintaining softness and pleasure to the touch.


There is a Float Collection for each hotel.
The company works with pride with every single property to customize and create linens that reflect the aesthetics of the hotel brand.
Contact us, we will study together the most prestigious customization for your structure.


Sustainable production.
The use of natural fibers is an advantage of eco-sustainability, with which we make our small daily contribution, in contrast to the industrial manufacturing processes of products deriving from petrochemical products.
These fibers including Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Jute, Ramie (or nettle yarn) present a perfect result of bio-compatibility with the surrounding environment.
Every day we are looking for new processing techniques, we study fibers and fabrics, we support the environment by promoting campaigns for the protection of the planet with reference to our business potential. Imagining and creating excellent fabrics with our hands, safeguarding and respecting the environment is the basis of our concept.

An exemplary way of representing the Italian artifact, working and investing in research for environmental protection.
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