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PluMy basic 80 grams


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Wellness and ecology merge, thus was born PluMy.

The precious duvets, very warm and very light, with a reduced weight, only 2.3 kg for the king size, which facilitates sleep and relaxation, thanks to the ability to maintain a constant body temperature.

Product designed, created and made by hand in Italy, using the fianr with fabric nik (500 Giza threads) on the outside and the innovative thindown inside.

Patented and produced in Italy by Nipi Italia Srl, it is the only fabric in the world in goose down, obtained:

recycling, washing, sterilizing and mating the feathers that were previously destined for pulping.

Available in different colors, with a jaquard design highlighting the chromatic effects.

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white, grisaille


160×220, 210×220, 240×220, 260×220, 300×220


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An exemplary way of representing the Italian artifact, working and investing in research for environmental protection.
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