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The finest raw materials, the most innovative fibers and the supreme care of manufacturing: this is how Float Collection was born. Comfort, lightness and elegance made in Italy.

The Float Collection line is made entirely in Italy by combining traditional textile craftsmanship with innovation while respecting the ecosystem.

Raw material

We use carefully selected quality materials, including natural fibers and innovative fabrics such as Thindown.

The fiber we prefer is Giza 45 cotton, a high quality Egyptian cotton grown in a small area of the Nile delta. The particular climatic conditions of the area allow the fiber to grow acquiring unique characteristics that make it so precious that it is known as the cotton of the pharaohs, the most valuable in the world.


We deliver the finished products to an independent laboratory that subjects them to numerous tests and 50 industrial washes. In this way we guarantee the delivery of wear-resistant products that remain soft over time and pleasant to the touch.
All fabrics used are tested against pilling, shrinkage, color retention, abrasion and tear resistance.


Float Collection is a Sevitex brand, a leading company in Italy in the textile sector and active for more than 50 years with over (tot) customers throughout Italy.


The environment is our main resource. We are aware of this.
This is why we have always taken care of it by making our products with natural and eco-sustainable fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp, jute and ramie and we are constantly looking for new processing techniques, fibers and fabrics that can reduce our environmental impact.